Ramen Z with Miso Soup Base (Pack of 6)


Throughout thousands of years, Konnyaku has been known in Japan for its medicinal benefits and eaten by royal families in the Edo of Japan. 

High in fiber and Zero in cholesterol, zero eggs, zero, dairy products, zero sugar, zero gluten; it has been widely eaten for its health benefits. 


What is Konnyaku?

Konnyaku is a flower plant, where the corm which is the root, that it bears is harvested to produce delicious food supplements to high carbohydrates and fatty food.  Among it being known as the “miracle food” it is also considered a diet food.

At Yamachan Ramen, we have created a product unlike no others out there in the Noodle Market!

We have replicated ramen noodles similar texture and taste so that you may enjoy your noodles with the natural health benefits that you deserve and the taste that you crave.